Tree of Life 2018

Performed at Casula Powerhouse Art Centre
Caught in the Flood – Stories

Lina and the Rat

Deved Plays Soccer

Bassam Steals Money

Mariam’s Homework

Fidaa’s Shoe Story

Zioa’s Father

Bassam’s Father

Deved’s Storm

Lavanda and Majd

Mirna in Zaxo

Mariam Leaves

Muayad Leaves

Dunya’s Demons

Domyan’s Brother

Iele in the crossfire

Fidaa’s Church

The Mandaeans

Rafi’s Garden

Transition Movement Piece

Lavanda Loses her Bag

Bassam and the 14 bags

Rafi Arrives in Australia

Domyan needs the toilet

Dunya’s Dream Karate Kick

Hopes and  Dreams