Suitcase Stories 2018

Performed at Seymour Centre, Chippendale
Missing – Stories


Abdullah and the Loud Music

Shahla’s Korean BBQ Sword Fight

Shirak’s Mouse

Bassam’s Gold

Ali’s Shopping trip

Niki’s Shopping trip

Saltanat’s Shopping Trip

David Visits his Grandma

Shirak and the Army Tank

Shirak’s Second House

Saltanat and the Petrol Tanker

Toba in the Car

Shahla’s Water Tank Bomb

Abdullah and Saltanat’s Dad

Ali’s Father’s Birthday Party

Fatima’s Father

Father Boat Stories

Niki’s School Story

Last Days

Airport Stories

Saltanat’s Hair

First day of School in Australia

Saltanat’s Bad Dream

Fereshteh’s story

Shirak’s Non-Award