Suitcase Stories 2017

Performed at Seymour Centre, Chippendale and Frensham School for Girls
Tug of war – Stories


Ramiz Falls in a Puddle

Anibella’s Scar Story

Kilfarkis Pram Drive

Maria’s Little Brother Makes a Birthday Party

Anibella’s Haircut

Shukrulla’s Sister Shrinks

Domyan Watches the Trucks

Walaa in Hospital

Ramiz in the Car

Domyan’s Uncle

Domyan’s Cousin

Domyan Leaves

Anibella’s Father

Lilyan’s Best Friend

Abdullah and Sultanate’s Father

Walaa Leaves


Bassam’s Uncle

Amanda at the Hairdressers

Amanda Meets ISIS 1

Amanda Meets ISIS 2

Maria’s Story

The New Normal

Tug-O-War Leaving

Domyan’s Dad in the Car

Anibella’s Football