Suitcase Stories 2016

Performed at The Joan Sutherland Performing Arts Centre, Penrith
Tangled Lives – Stories

Mariam and the Money

The Tea Stories (Yasir and Manar)

Avin and the Dirty Water Jars

Naughty Sarina in Syria

Naughty Sarina in Lebanon

Yasir is Naughty in Iraq

Manar Tricks the Old Woman

Mariam in Africa

Sarine is Humiliated

Elbra’s Story

Shopkeeper and the Shepherd

Esraa’s Eyes

Yasir, Ahmed and Esraa Leave

Manar at School

Manar Leaves Syria

Sarine in Aleppo

Sarujan in the Bunkers

Avin’s Little Brother

Manar Talks to Friends



Sarujan’s Excellent Sense of Direction

Manar and the “Try Not to laugh” Challenge

Lock down

Across 2 Cultures

Celebration Moments