Treehouse Family

Photo credit: Amnesty/Jeremy Piper


Catherine Maguire-Donvito and Ruth Hartcher-O'Brien are old friends, having met in their work with young refugees; Catherine as a Psychologist and School Counsellor, and Ruth as a Drama teacher and teacher of English as a Second Language. Both love theatre, and believe in the power of stories to enliven and transform, and in the “tangled magics” (to quote Tim Winton) of live theatre to take us inside the experience of the story-teller.

President: George Rosier
Vice-President: Isaac Owen
Secretary: Tracey Okeby-Lucan
Treasurer: Red Reyes
Committee members:
- Catherine Maguire-Donvito
- Ruth Hartcher-O'Brien
- Kate Maguire-Rosier
-Annie Thompson
Additonal Psychologist: Lilianna Galea
Volunteer Co-ordinator:  Jocelyn Ly